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Darwin sat up quickly in his bed, wondering about what he had dreamed about.

What was that all about, He thought, And what was up with that dude's nose?? 

Before he could ponder or truly make sense of it all, his alarm clock went off, startling him from his thoughts and as he tried to turn it off, to his misfortune, ending up falling from his bed onto the light brown carpet floor if his room with a THUMP. 

"Oww...." Darwin said as he slowly picked himself up and turned off the alarm clock from the counter that was placed too far from his bed. It was odd to him, because the counter was orginally closer to his bed when he got settled in for the night before. Again, before he could make sense of it all, a knock came from his door, followed by a voice of a old women, "Darwin? Are you alright dear?

"Yes Mrs. Ramson" Darwin replied, "I just fell trying to turn off my alarm, I'm fine"

"Ah, ok Dear, Breakfast is on the table, hurry up so you arent late for your first day of school.." He thinks she didnt mean to be heard, but he hears a small sigh before she says, "and please dear, call me Grandma"

Whatever thought Darwin as his grandma- or who he just recently found out was his grandma can be heard walking down the hallway. He then starts to get dressed, putting on his favorite red and gray shirt and blue pants and then proceeds to the bathroom down the hallway and opens the door- Only for him to get pushed out of the way by a teenage girl, "Move it twerp!" was all she said before entering and slamming the door.

Groan..Fortune huh? What a load of- Darwin Moretti, Age 17, has been on the misfortune side for nearly most of his life. At the age of 9, His mother was killed when a person in a black outfit had broke into his parent's house while his dad was away on a trip. Leaving him to fend for himself for a total of a whole month before he returned, having to lie about his condition at home to his friends and teachers in the meanwhile. When his dad did comeback, he had fell into a state of depression to the point that Darwin once again had to fend for himself while this time taking care of his father. At the age of 12, His dad came out of depression and their lifes was slowly building up, his father had even won the lottery. But that came to an end at age 14, when his dad had gotten arrested for drinking and beating up an intern at the town's local pharmacy within a inch of his life. Luck did not shine on Darwin again, rumors about his parents circled the school like a science fire gone wrong, the police had forced him from the house and because he didnt know any other relatives cause his parents never gotten into contact with them in years, was placed in a orphan house for 3 years. He would have stayed in that boring and miserable place, but then Mrs. Ramson had arrived at the orphan house with legal proof that she was his grandmother. Darwin didnt seem sure, his parents never mentioned or said a word about her; plus he had overheard and seen what the other orphans say about adults that come to adopt them: "They act all kind and loving" An orphan named Frank said, "But that's just a mask, they really just want ya there to do stuff they can do themselves" As a result Darwin, despite Mrs Ramson's attempts, refuses to see her as his grandma or in his opinion, the spoiled-rotten teenager that lives with her his cousin.

Darwin bangs on the door, "Oy Susan! I got here first!"

"No, I got here, that why I'm in the bathroom" The girl in the bathroom replied smugly.

Groan... "At least give me my toothbru-!" The door opened and his toothbrush flew and hit him right on the nose before he caught it and the bathroom door closed again. "Thanks." Spoiled little.. Sighing, Darwin went to the other bathroom that was downstairs.


After brushing his teeth and washing his face, he proceeded to the kitchen to eat his breaskfast at the table. Susan was to his surprise, at the table with Mrs. Ramson, "Took you long enough Twerp"

"Susan be nice to your cousin", replied Mrs Ramson then she looked at Darwin, "Dont mind her, you're just in time for breakfast"

"Thank you ma'am" Darwin takes a seat at the table and looked at his breakfast: Blueberry pancakes with bacon and Orange juice. "Looks good." Darwin said as he cut a slice of his pancakes and tastes it. "Tastes good too."

"I'm gald you like it" Mrs Ramson smiled.

"Looks like Darwie like your cooking Grandma" Susan smirked.

".....Whatever." Darwin just ate his breakfast.


"Thats enough of your attitude young lady." Mrs. Ransom said.

"What attitude?" Susan replied.

"Don't play dumb with me. You better clean up your attitude. Now say your sorry." Mrs. Ramson demanded. Susan made a face at her demand and turned to face Darwin.

"I'm sor-" Susan said in a droning tone to realize Darwin had already left for the bus to school.

Darwin waits for the bus at the bus stop alone. Thanking that his cousin works with Mrs. Ramson for the summer and won't be at summer school with him. Once the bus comes Darwin steps in and shows his bus pass and takes a seat. 

"Glad  I'm away from her." Darwin thought to himself. "What did that guy know about my fortune? And what is going to happen when I find it?" 

The ride to school seemed pretty long "Perfect time to take a nap." Darwin thought as he closed his eyes and started to drift off into sleep.

In his dream he wakes up in a forest road. Fog surrounded the area to the point where it was hard to see anything ahead of him. He wondered a bit and tried his best to maneuver threw the fog.

"Its so thick in here. Where am I even going?" He wondered.

After some searching Darwin came across something red in the distance. It was blurry and looked like a red smudge. Coming closer to the being Darwin saw that it was a red beast with the head of a hawk with wings of a dragon and a body of a lion. It looked as if it was the size of a tank when Darwin came close.

"A red griffin?" Darwin said to himself as the griffin looked down at him. It started to admit a red glow around itself and then dissolved in its own light. From above Darwin a card came down and placed itself in his hands.

"I am Thou. Thou art I." The words echoed inside of Darwin's head "I am Eutychius. Bringer of fate." The voice faded away and the dream ended. Darwin woke up and saw that the school was close by. 

"Another weird dream." He thought "And again with that fortune talk." Once the bus stopped Darwin got off and headed his way into school.

Persona- The 3D's (Ch.1)
Chapter 1 of Persona 3Ds

Co-written with: :icondrakeflame13:

Persona 4 belongs to it respected owners. Enjoy :D

If you are lost to what "Persona 4" is, please look it up.
I'd like to say merry christmas to everyone :D Hope you have a wonderful time with your family and get what you want today and have a fun party ^^ And remember not to be to greedy =P I'm looking at you little tommy! Yea I see you over there!

Merry Christmas to all and happy holidays! :D


United States

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